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Fucking Great Assault directed by Ricardo García-Nateras
Line&Air directed by Guido Perrini, Bertrand Delapierre
ERÓ directed by Luis Antonio Aguilar Orozco
Lucky, Lucky directed by Jonah Lindley
Residuals directed by K Loca
Wonderland directed by Padrick Ritch
Transformations directed by Jesse Brady
PIVOT Paying It Forward directed by Robert Hunkele, Tom DiDonato
Übel directed by Edwin Schaap
Vincenzo Vela. The Dream of Matter directed by Adriano Kestenholz
Ainu – Indigenous People of Japan directed by Naomi Mizoguchi
Colonna directed by Berthold Bock
Gate X directed by Lioba von den Driesch
You are Me & I am You directed by Melissa Kirkendall
Gabi directed by Felipe Ferreira
Terminal Stage directed by Ilona Gaal,Balázs Wizner
Zooming – Pandemic Dance No. 2 directed by Richard Daniels
The River Runner directed by Rush Sturges
Amori directed by Stefano Ceccarelli, Gabriele Anastasio
Ten Thousand Bolts directed by Ashley Benzwie, Alex D Levin, Duncan Sullivan
The eternal asker directed by Ernő Nagy
THE LAST MOVIE PAINTER directed by Walter Bencini
#Glitch – objects directed by Kostiantyn Mishchenko
SCREAM IN A WHISPER directed by Maria Paola Ramirez Rodriguez
If there is love, you will take it directed by Daniel Hopp
Salt in the Soil directed by Niav Conty
HUMANITY KEY directed by Ettore Pasculli
Tuxedo Terrace directed by Carmine Bicchetti
The Drill Hall Project directed by Jude Walton
Making of Making Nothing directed by Barbara Erni


    Healing A Nation by Jean-René Rinvil
    The missing voice by Jeremie Dameme
    One Pint at a Time by Aaron Hosé
    Tape by Mirjam Thorkelsdottir
    Naked Gills by Russ van Aardt
    Nick 2040 by Cesar Turturro
    Something Ain’t Right by Susan Ruth Downs, MD and Alex Voss
    Nox by Mireille Heidbreder
    Karmina by Wiktor Ejsmont
    The Homiesexuals: A Social Media Tragedy by Ryan Dobrin
    Hold Me Right by Danijela Steinfeld
    Bartholomew’s Gold by Maurice Porcher
    Der Platz by Hunter Whaley
    One Pint at a Time by Aaron Hosé
    Unspeakable by Luís Damas
    Monkey Domino by Ulf Grenzer
    Flirting with Food by Paul Edward Foulkes
    Coronavirus Ad – Stay Home by I-Jien Jane Kou
    Soul by I-Jien Jane Kou
    Unwelcome Advances by Ricardo Alvarado
    Finding Jane by Christina Kelly
    Derrotar Al Movimiento by Emiliano Grassi
    Mannequin by Louis Lampard
    Eco dream by Arnolda Noir and Xabier Sobrino
    Eye Cut by Sarah Pucill
    When the Universe ends by Enzo Piglionica
    Acknowledgements by Arvid Eriksson
    Veritas by Eliecer Jiménez Almeida
    The Valedictorian by Kary Perez
    PASANG: In the Shadow of Everest by Nancy Svendsen
    The Hole by Jos Baker & Julie De Clercq
    Pandoras Legacy by Angela Christlieb
    Charlie Chaplin the genius of liberty by Yves Jeuland
    Couple by Rachel Echenberg
    Facing Nolan by Bradley Jackson
    Confession of an Eco-Terrorist by Peter Jay Brown
    Invasion 2040 by Cesar Alejandro Turturro
    The Mirror by Mimi Chakarova
    Stitched Glass by Ian Daffern and Omar Majeed
    A Bullet Pulling Thread by Ian Charles Daffern
    The Ocean Duck by Huda RazzakContinue by Nadine Crocker
    Aulcie by Dani Menkin
    In a Whole New Way by Jonathan Fisher
    Unwanted Load by Julissa Carmona Scopino
    Vivisection by Adrián García
    Zeria by Harry Cleven
    Now You See Us by Romina Schwedler
    Preserving The Holocaust by Jane Wells
    Terraforming by Ricardo Moreira
    Drniski Prsut by Tony Marin
    The Way by Dastan Khalili
    Chimera or Divide and Conquer:stories of dehumanization by Nefeli Asariotaki
    Goodbye Tornio by Emilia Hernesniemi
    Kaleidoscope by Sofia Kunz and Annabella Mineghino
    On Being and Bathing by Anna Ulrikke Andersen
    The Purple Thanaka of the Angels by Borit Yannick
    A Swedish Defence by Simon Elvås
    Adolf Muschg – The Other by Erich Schmid
    Dante. Beatrice by Irina Kodyukova
    AJASS: Pioneers of the Black is Beautiful Movement by Louise Dente
    Faggots by Dominik Wojciech Krawiecki and Patrycja Planik
    Beef by Brendon Kingsbury and Sean Webley
    A Beard Grows In Brooklyn by Adam Hagenbuch
    CODE-D: The House of the 8 Women by Kyoichi Komoto
    Rituals of Destruction by Alexa Wilson
    Tell-Take Wank by James Everett
    Equanimity by Everett Lemmon
    Doug Ever After by Anderson Tram
    Rasheeda’s Freedom Day by Dija Renuka Henry
    Pavement Party by Hugo Drechsler
    Rebels with a cause by Miikka Poutiainen
    Cosa c’è di strano in tutto questo by Mauro Bartoli
    The Inventor by Philip Musey
    Splat ! by Romain Revert
    I Lost The Way by Panagiotis Rappas
    Hauskeeper by Matthias Freier
    For I Am Dead by Patricia Delso Lucas
    Who I Wasn’t by Seeley Björkstén
    Not Waving – Hold On ft Marie Davidson by Angelo Cerisara
    My Stupid Tribute Band by Michael Alex Mroz
    Initiation by Jeffrey Haltom